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What is EZ Tech Tips? It is your source for easy step by step Internet tutorials on how to use the Internet, computers, and technology to organize and simplify your life.

My name is Hani Mourra and I am the founder and creator of EZ Tech Tips. I am a Computer Engineer from Toronto, who has a passion for helping and teaching friends and family learn how to use the Internet, computers, and technology.  My other passion is video editing and production.  You can see some of my video projects here.

When I was growing up, I always had a passion for computers. I would sit in front of the computer with my Dad and older brother and just watch them work on it. As a curious child, I asked them a lot of questions, which helped me learn. Every opportunity I had, I would get on the computer and try some things out. I made a few mistakes along the way, but nothing so drastic that it couldn’t be recovered. Looking back, I now realize that those mistakes were actually good for me since they helped me boost my confidence. I knew that no matter what I did there was always a way to recover, so I wasn’t afraid to explore further which helped me learn even more.

As time went by, my friends and family started noticing my passion for computers and started to come to me for solutions to their computer problems. As a teenager, I got a summer job at the local public library in my small town. I was looking to earn a few extra dollars to help pay for school. This library was one of the first to offer free Internet access to the locals, and I was hired to teach people what the Internet was and how to use it. I had the opportunity to work with a wide range of people from young children to seniors.

One memorable experience which shaped my life happened when I was working with a senior one day at the library. At the beginning of the training session, he was very unhappy. Nobody knew why, but I was warned by the head librarian before my session that this person could be very grumpy. To make a long story short, within our one hour session, I was able to teach him something new and change his attitude. He was smiling and cheery when he left. The head librarian couldn’t believe her eyes. It was at that point that I realized teaching people something new could be very rewarding and enjoyable for me.

A few years later, I graduated from university with a degree in Computer Engineering.

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