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Computer Glossary: Attachment

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According to Wikipedia, an email attachment is a “computer file which is sent along with an e-mail message. The file is not a separate message, but now it is almost universally sent as part of the message to which it is attached”. You can attach any type of file with an email. Most people use attachments to send photos to their friends and family.

Attachments are also a common way for viruses and other malicious computer infections to spread. Luckily, most web-based email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail automatically scan any attachments while you check your email. Regardless, you should never open any emails with attachments that arrive from an unknown person.

Another thing to note about attachments is that most email services put a limit on how large attachments may be. Currently Gmail and Yahoo allow up to 20 MB attachments (approximately 10 photos), while Hotmail allows up to 10 MB. If you need to send larger files, you can consider using an online service such as YouSendIt.

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